How to create a custom GPT for medical education? Customize ChatGPT for health professions education

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Custom GPT is a novel feature of ChatGPT that enables non-programmers to create and share their own GPT-based chatbots. These custom GPTs allow health professions educators to apply the capabilities of ChatGPT across various educational settings, including creating administrative assistants, online tutors, virtual patients, and more. The primary goal is to support both clinical and non-clinical teaching and assessment environments.

One practical application is the Case-based MCQ Generator, which automates the creation of multiple-choice questions based on the prompts published in the health professions education literature, demonstrating how easy to generate case-based multiple-choice questions. All you need is to input a learning objective, topic, or item-specific test point.

Another example is MedEdMaster, a custom GPT that guides clinician-educators in applying educational theory to practice. It assists with discussions and questions related to educational theories and concepts within the context of medical education.

Custom GPTs like the Case-based MCQ Generator and MedEdMaster are pioneer GPTs in terms of medical education. They showcase the transformative potential of AI.

If you want to be one of the pioneers by creating your own custom GPT based on your needs, read these concise papers published in the Medical Teacher:

Twelve tips on creating and using custom GPTs to enhance health professions education

Case-based MCQ generator: A custom ChatGPT based on published prompts in the literature for automatic item generation

Twelve tips article includes step-by-step guidance to help you to create your own GPT. No worry, you don’t need to have software programming skills. Since it is based on your chat with GPT Builder, you can easily describe what you need and then the builder shapes it for you. Don’t forget that it requires ChatGPT Plus subscription. Endless possibilities to support health professions education through the power of artificial intelligence is waiting for your creativity.

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